helps you keep links more anonymous by hiding your referrer url

Keep your back-links hidden

Usage: Simply preceed the url you want to link to with

Affiliate marketing and search engine optimization applications or linking to articles about sensitive topics.

It's totally free for all for ever.

Your source or referral will be totally hidden, the point of this service is to help anonymize links.

Script to anonymize all the links on your site

WordPrss™ Plug-in
Eazy one step to anonimize all your blog posts and pages by our own plug-in, download it from here

Any site
To anonymize all the external links on your site, just copy and add script right before < /body >

VBulletin™ Plug-in
Instruction on VB formal forum about installation here

  • Affiliate marketers
    AvocadoAffiliate marketers may wish to hide their referring urls from nosey affiliate managers. Why risk giving your sponsor sites a blueprint for how you deliver traffic to them? If they discover your traffic generation methods, they might duplicate them or otherwise interfere with your business.
  • Bloggers
    Bloggers posting links to controversial topics may not like to invite unwanted attention from those whom they are linking to.
Why should you use this service?

Did you know that when you place a link on a webpage, the site which you link to can find that link merely by looking in their server statistics? Normally this isn't too much of a concern, however in some situations it may be preferable to use more discretion..

What others see?

The site receiving hits from a link should see only "" in the referring urls within their server statistics

Terms of use
  • Using this service for purposes of spamming or illegal activities is strictly prohibited and we will report such activities to the authorities.
  • Those who abuse this service may find their links disabled or un-leaded.
  • This service may not be used for automated inquiries, hitbots, etc.
  • We reserve the right to disable or alter this service in any way at our sole discretion without prior notice.
  • No warranty or guarantee of service is expressed or implied. This service is provided as-is, with all faults.
  • *No assurance of privacy is expressed or implied. Referring url data can behave unexpectedly and may sometimes "leak" to the destination site, although this is rare.
  • Use at your own risk.